Focus is our Strategy--Diversity is our Strength

A Cyprus based group of companies created to provide you with high quality services, through our experience derived from more than 16 years of international and local activity. Our pioneering spirit, professionalism and knowledge of the Cypriot and regional markets sets us apart from the competition and, with a network of top legal, financial and tax experts strategically located around the world, you can be assured of our continuous commitment in assisting you with your international business affairs falling.

Our collective aim is to provide real and workable solutions in order to help our clients achieve maximum benefits in the current dynamic business environment, whilst reducing business costs.

Our mission and promise

Our mission and promise to you is to “undertake and provide services of the highest quality, reliability and performance at reasonable prices, satisfying the customer’s requirements and needs”.

This website offers an insight into who we are, how we behave, what we believe, why we succeed, how we can assist you and what we do. We wish you every success at your endeavors and look forward in assisting you in any possible way we can in reaching your destination safely!



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We offer you a customized ‘one stop shop’ incorporation service on a global scale...

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We have chosen to specialize within the international tax and corporate services industries by offering tailor-made solutions and exceptional quality at equally exceptional value for money. Our objective is to be recognized as the provider of choice repeatedly in the provision of international tax, corporate and trust services. To fulfill this objective we have cultivated a culture and work ethic of personal attention, privacy and confidentiality in all that we do.

We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and by the examples, which we set for one another in our everyday interactions with our clients and business associates.

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Cyprus is situated in the eastern Mediterranean at the cross roads of three continents- Europe, Asia and Africa covering an area of 9251 The Republic of Cyprus was established in 1960, after gaining its independence as a British colony. Since 1974, however, a de facto division of the island has existed, with the Greek Cypriot community controlling 63% of the territory, and the Turkish Cypriots, backed by Turkish Army Units, 37%. It is a member of the Commonwealth and the European Union since 2004. It is a prosperous country with is annual Gross Domestic Product rising to an average of Euro 18,810 per capita. The economy is dominated by professional services, with the tourist and the financial services industries being the strongest over the years.

The Cyprus government has worked hard to create a favorable tax regime while at the same time maintaining a normal-looking domestic economy, albeit with rates of taxation, which are the most beneficial in Europe and very low by international standards. The success of this program is attested by the high numbers of International Business Companies (IBC) (over 50,000) registered in Cyprus since 1975.